Silver Award in FM Awards 2020

We feel great joy for our client Manifest Services who won the Silver Award for the “Moralius Facility Management Cloud System” in the category of FM Software, IoT Applications & Automation at the 4th Boussias Communications FM Awards on Wednesday, October 21, 2020.

More specifically, the General Manager of Manifest, Mr. George Farlekas, stated: “It took 5 years of R&D to create the ultimate USP of our company, the platform, through which we manage real-time all the services we offer to our customers. Each of our customers receives real-time information about what we offer, when we offer it and in what way. Our relationship is becoming more transparent than ever and the customer experience is being upgraded inconceivably. We are today the 1st choice of large organizations having as strategic driver the innovation that we create ourselves”.

Staff Evaluation & Ticketing Workflows

The delivery of FM services globally will always be only as good as the staff delivering them. As such, monitoring tools on service delivery, consistency and quality form a key competitive factor in this industry.
By employing Service Tracking tools along with Staff Evaluation & Ticketing Workflows, helps FM providers obtain powerful tools to deliver high quality services with consistency and business transparency. helps FM providers

Despite the efforts of FM providers, FM services tend to be viewed as a commodity type service by many end users and as such price competitiveness becomes a major factor.

By employing Site Visit Management & Work Order Management tools, helps FM providers obtain significant facts about their business, thus optimizing their costs and becoming more competitive.