Field Management

The Field Management module coordinates all maintenance work performed in any of your facilities. Soft, Hard, and Security Services are all bundled together to make your facility's environment run smoothly.
Register & Locate
your properties
Monitor your
Visualise your
inspection KPIs
Oversee your
customer requests

Register & locate your Properties

In great hands. Every one of your customers can keep their peace of mind knowing that their properties are efficiently taken care of.

Have it all in one, by having the freedom to add an unlimited number of facilities.

Keep all the factors aligned, by associating the supervisor who inspects the project with the corresponding facility

Break down your spaces, with an in-depth analysis of each facility's space

Pinpoint every facility, with the help of the integrated map that locates each of your facilities.

Monitor your Supervisors

We take good care of your supervisor's workflow. Imagine being able to follow your supervisors productivity in every step of their way. Develop a key competitive advantage with real-time tracking of your supervisor's inspections on the field and be on the same page with your customers.

Set up your own inspection forms, by using the inspection form builder to determine your individual needs and set the gravitas of your own activities.

Monitor a supervisor's location in real-time, with the help of geolocation your supervisor's route is on your hands.

Eagle-eye a supervisor's check-in and out, by monitoring the comings and goings in a facility along with the duration of the activity in each facility.

Scope the minimum required inspections out, by checking whether the minimum required inspection site visits have been nailed.

Have the complete control of your facility's activities, with a daily report of your supervisor's activities and engagements.

Visualize your inspection KPIs

The best vision is KPIs insight! Get a true insight of your inspection evaluations on the field and take feedback real-time of what your customers have to say about the services you offer them.

Be in charge of evaluation, by assessing your service on the field and get supervisor's KPI for each inspection.

Take evaluation feedback on-the-spot, by capturing your customer's instant evaluation upon the supervisors inspection.

Stay on track, by keeping a close watch under your supervisors evaluations per month.

Oversee your customers requests

Put information into effect. Evolve every aspect of your customers' tickets by managing and monitoring the Service Requests. Automate your ticketing workflow, follow up on your customer requests and track the progress to ensure flawless delivery.

Have it your own ticketing way, with the help of your own ticketing workflow builder in which you can configurate the status, steps and notification flow.

Spice things up, by providing a Customer App to your customers and capture their requests in any given moment.

Capture the details, with photos, attachments and comments for each Service Requests your create.

Keep up with records, by maintaining the history log of the Service Request until its resolution.

Scrutinize the numbers, by looking over the number of service requests per month and the average resolution time vs. your customers SLAs.