The Team

His Story

Dionysis is a pioneer in the Facility Management sector. Shaping the industry for over than 17 years and trusted by the largest multinational organizations, he dreams to transform the conventional ways of FM service delivery by visioning & implementing innovative practices.

Dionysis Ammolochitis

CEO & Founder

His Story

George brings more than 9 years of experience in both IT & Facility Management industries. His experience and leadership have been focused on delivering technology-driven business services by designing the product strategy, the technical roadmap and the business logic of moralius platform.

George Farlekas

Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer

His Story

Isidoros (aka Isidator) is a product enthusiast, passionate about building software to bring the best value to the customers. He brings 20 years experience in software, among which 8 years relate to product management. He will never stop seeing the glass overflowed, motivate his colleagues and trying to create the best workplace.

Isidoros Vakropoulos

Technical Lead

His Story

Christos has 20 years of experience in software development for businesses mainly in industrial and banking applications. He feels lucky because he is working on what he dreamed of.

Christos Bokos

Senior Software Developer

His Story

Dimitris is a tech-savvy, with intuitive problem-solving skills. He carries over 2 years of experience in software development and is devoted to developing innovative and efficient software. Set on a never-ending skill-growth course.

Dimitris Chorianopoulos

Software Developer

His Story

Kostas has his mind set on learning and absorbing new technologies. He has over 15 years of experience in custom web applications and 5 years in action games development. He enjoys tweaking and re-shaping things.

Kostas Kostakis

Software Developer

Her Story

Eleftheria is candidly devoted to customer's needs and set to achieve the ultimate customer satisfaction. She combines and applies her technical knowledge to untangle any situation. She brings forth a motivated and relaxed attitude that's been cultivated in her 7-year experience on the customer support and customer success environment. Finally, she strives for excellent communication and values any unconventional idea.

Elefteria Gkioura

Support Specialist

His Story

Stavros is Account Executive at moralius where he began his career as a Support Specialist. He is very passionate and has an exceptional ability to recognize and adapt to any situation. He has at least 7 years of sales experience, with his strongest asset being his lovely desire to make everyone around him happy! Last but not least, he never loses a match with everyday life in which he has the opportunity to elevate the soul.

Stavros Dimou

Account Executive