What is Moralius? is a B2B cloud service that enables Facility Management (FM) providers, either outsourced or in-house, to drive their customers’ business productivity & profitability by managing and monitoring the effectiveness of the FM services they offer, through one single online platform.

The Target Market

Outsourced FM Providers

•  Single Service Providers (e.g. Cleaning, Maintenance, Security, etc)
•  Multi-Service Providers (e.g. offering more than one Facility Services)
•  Total FM Providers

In-house FM Providers

Any organization in the private or public sector which obtains an in-house facility department in order to run, manage & monitor the facility services offered in-house into the organization.

The Problems in the Target Market

1.  Despite the efforts of FM providers, FM services tend to be viewed as a commodity type service by many end users and as such price competitiveness becomes a major factor.

2.  The delivery of FM services globally will always be only as good as the staff delivering them. As such, monitoring tools on service delivery, consistency and quality form a key competitive factor in this industry.

3.  As the quality of facilities improves worldwide, particularly in the commercial building segment, customers are keen on innovative practices to drive business productivity and profitability.

The Solution

1. By employing Site Visit Management & Work Order Management, the FM providers obtain significant facts about their business helping optimize costs, thus becoming more competitive.

2. By employing real-time Service Tracking features along with Staff Evaluation & Ticketing Workflows, the FM providers obtain powerful tools to deliver high quality services with consistency and business transparency.

3.  IoT will enable real-time crowdsourcing of facility and occupant data to improve the feedback loop to FM providers and help implement initiatives to drive business productivity and profitability.

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