Staff Management

Get exactly what you need from Staff Management. Oversee your staff's activities on the field, follow up on their progress and make their job easier by providing the most essential information.
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Staff registration

Keep a list of every single individual who works on your customers’ facilities. Allow for bulk imports so that the once time-consuming employee registration is now a piece of cake.

Time is of the essence! With the option of bulk import you can register your staff in no time.

No lost connection; Link your staff to the services that they are currently occupied by.

Internal tickets

Forget about paper mountains and multiple binders. Consider storing and tracking all forms and administrative documents in a digital paperless heaven. Handle everything around your staff's personal requests and be ready for any type of inquiry.

Have your own ticket categories with a variety of options that allow you to register any work you require, such as an advance payment, a payment dispute, etc.

Take note of your true problems and record any action you want to take to enhance the services you offer to your clients.

Get access to the details of each internal ticket recorded, including any images, attachments, and comments.

Enable your users to add their own comments and to quickly assign an internal ticket to any team member.

Staff evaluation

Provide growth-oriented feedback to your staff. By assessing your staff’s progress on the job, you can provide them with the tools they need to effectively lead their teams and tasks.

Give the right impression by having the seamless possibility of evaluating your staff’s activity on the field.

Set specific dates, at which you would like your evaluations to be conducted.

Pass the torch to your supervisors and HR personnel, so they can conduct their own individual evaluations for each department’s purposes.

Be flexible by creating ad-hoc evaluations that correlate with the services you provide.

Allow your customers to evaluate the staff members working on their facilities.

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Simplify your staff’s jobs by providing them with a digitalized workflow. Make the working process easier by incorporating technology into day-to-day tasks and duties.

Keep things simple by adopting the mobile app that allows your employees to scan their check-ins and check-outs while working on the field.

Retrieve valuable information from QR codes by viewing check-ins and check-outs, as well as past and future work orders.

Be quick with the checkpoint scan, allowing security staff to register their patrol route.

Mobile apps

Elevate your Staff Management capabilities to new heights by harnessing the power of the Moralius mobile apps.

Facilitate the communication with your customers by allowing them to access your team details through their mobile devices.

Keep your workers happy by quickly resolving their issues through the Moralius mobile apps.

Use the power of QR codes - track your team’s work by enabling QR code scanning.

Automate the check-in & check-out of your workers at your customers’ facilities through geolocation.