Quality Assurance

Get your hundred per cent! Pinpoint the issues, target problematic areas and help the maintenance of your company's quality services reach its highest levels. Measure the quality of your company by getting real-time customer feedback through performance metrics and, improve everything that's important.

Corrective Actions

Polish your services up! Make your facility run effortlessly by resolving any issue in no time. Every time any of your customer's Corrective Actions knock at your door, you can be more than prepared to face it. Moralius follows the trail and maintains the log, response & resolution time so you can easily access your FM teams conversation with your customers.

Establish your own ticketing workflows, by the help of ticketing workflow builder that lets you create your tickets the way your company understands.

Capture your customer's issues, by the Customer App that assist your customer to register an action they want to take so they can improve the services you provide to them.

Get a hold of the details, with photos, attachments and comments for each Corrective Action you create.

Never lose track of your actions, by maintaining the history log of the Corrective Action until its resolution.

Have a clear view of the numbers, by looking over the number of corrective actions per month and the average resolution time vs. your customers SLAs.

Quality Surveys

Pop the question! Get customer feedback and know immediately where your company's services stand. Create and run your own Quality campaigns for your customers and see how they are rating you. Ask your customers key questions and nail down their satisfaction.

Be your own decision-maker, with the Quality Survey Builder, where the questions answered in your Quality campaigns will reflect the character of your business.

There before it happens, with Quality Survey Activity Management, create open activities and assign them to specific roles so they can capture the customer's evaluation.

Take immediate action, by having the possibility to convert your Quality Survey into a Corrective Action so you can actively resolve any issue.

Drive better decisions, by visualizing the quality index per survey and the average quality index of your customers.