Quality Assurance

Get your hundred percent! Pinpoint the issues, target problematic areas and help the maintenance of your company's quality services reach its highest levels. Measure the quality of your company by getting real-time customer feedback through performance metrics and improve everything that's important.
Monitor your
Visualise your
inspection KPIs

Monitor your supervisors

We take good care of your supervisor workflow. Imagine being able to follow your supervisors' productivity every step of the way. Develop a key competitive advantage with real-time tracking of your supervisor inspections in the field and be on the same page with your customers.

Set up your own inspection forms by using a dedicated builder to determine your individual needs and set the gravitas of your own activities.

Monitor a supervisor's location in real-time. With the help of geolocation, your supervisors’ routes are in your hands.

Eagle-eye a supervisor's check-in and out by monitoring the comings and goings in a facility along with the duration of each activity.

Scope the inspections out and make sure that the minimum required inspection visits have been nailed.

Have complete control over your customer's facilities with a daily report of your supervisors' activities and engagements.

Visualize your inspection KPIs

The best vision is KPIs insight! Get a true insight into your inspection evaluations on the field and get real-time feedback on what your customers have to say about the services you offer them.

Be in charge of evaluation by assessing your service on the field and reviewing the supervisor's KPIs for each inspection.

Take evaluation feedback on-the-spot by capturing your customer's instant evaluation upon the supervisor's inspection.

Stay on track by keeping a close watch on your supervisor evaluations per month.

Quality surveys

Pop the question! Get customer feedback and know immediately where your company's services stand. Create and run your own quality survey campaigns for your customers and see how they are rating you. Ask your customers key questions and nail down their satisfaction.

Be your own decision-maker with our quality survey builder and let the answers of your campaigns reflect the character of your business.

Be there before it happens! Create open activities and assign them to specific users, so they can capture the customer's input.

Take immediate action by having the possibility to convert your quality survey into a corrective action, so you can actively resolve any issue.

Drive better decisions by visualizing the quality index per survey and the average quality index of your customers.

Mobile apps

Amplify your Quality Assurance potential and ensure top-notch performance with the Moralius mobile apps at your disposal.

Evaluate your services on the go and share the results with your customers.

Allow your customers to review the inspection visits and quality surveys KPIs of their facilities on the go.

Simplify the inspections performed by your supervisors by letting them navigate to your customer's facilities directly through the app.