Smart Building

We are the watchful eye of your customer’s facility! Smart Building module helps you gather all the information critical to the lifecycle of your customer’s building and track each building's energy and wellness consumption. Raise the value of your customer’s facility, reduce the extra costs and keep your employees and clients happier than ever.


Start the day with energy! Keep up with the good look and feel of your customer's facility. Monitor the energy consumption and reduce the carbon footprint of your customer's facility while knocking off annual costs from your customer's budget.

Be mindful of your customer's surroundings by viewing the measurements of the total consumption of your customer's building day by day.

Regulate the impact by monitoring what your customer spends on a daily basis and give your customer the upper hand regarding the total cost spent.

Reduce your customer's water consumption with the help of a pie chart that presents the consumption per each equipment category.

Stand at a higher place by observing the comparison of your customer's building's consumption of the previous and current day.


Wellness is the new happy! Keep an eye on the environmental conditions of your customer’s workplace every single minute. Be at the forefront and deliver a first-class experience to the people visiting or working from your customer’s facility. Create and regulate your customer’s workplace environment in a way that works best and get your sustainability goals off the ground.

Keep it fresh by having a clear vision of the percentage of relative humidity around your customer’s building.

Activate your sensors and monitor the current indoor and outdoor temperature.

Everything counts! Measure the CO2 emissions and keep your customer’s facility sustainable.

Balance the conditions by keeping a close watch on the average temperature of every room in your customer’s facility.