Security Companies

Defuse the routine actions!

Defuse the routine actions!

Moralius can play a pivotal role in driving the success of any security company. By seamlessly organizing and digitalizing security operations and assets, Moralius enhances the efficiency of security teams.

With real-time data access and performance tracking, your security company can promptly address client needs and ensure consistent, high-quality security services. Also, assigning QR Codes in strategic locations enables your security staff to capture the start and end of their shifts and provides vital information about each surveillance area.

Key Benefits

Raise your customer retention to at least 95%.

Ensure increased customer satisfaction.

Upgrade the communication with your clients with a tailormade ticketing system.

Improve your company's security activities quality.

Monitor your staff’s schedule through our mobile app.

Why you should put your trust in us:

We offer a software that has proven by case studies to be a profit generator.
Our solution was built based on the needs of an actual Facility Management company.
The only FM software with which you can build an ecosystem between your customers, employees & subcontractors.
We use cloud-based cutting-edge technologies and we are focused on continuous improvement.