Technical Maintenance Companies

Set your technical priorities straight!

Set your technical priorities straight!

Moralius, the all-in-one FM software allows Technical Maintenance Companies to store, access and distribute a wide range of technical maintenance-related data. It simplifies operations, digitalizes assets and cuts costs in the most efficient way.

Control productivity by the Moralius Mobile App. Log into Moralius Mobile App to monitor, allocate and audit Work Orders along with the planned or unplanned activity of your team. Acquire a deeper insight of your Energy data by utilizing IoT and rest easy at the knowledge that your company's energy consumption is running smoothly at all times.

Key benefits

Increased maintenance.

QR Codes generation.

Decreased maintenance expenses.

Knowledge of a team's tasks and responsibilities.

Seamless technician tracking.

History log for every asset.

Detailed asset reports.

Reduce Energy costs by monitoring the peaks of energy consumption.

Improve employee well-being by adjusting wellness metrics.

Why you should put your trust in us:

We offer a software that fully translates your time and cost management needs into action.
Our software is the solution your were looking for to effectively lower turnover rates.
Easy-to-handle Mobile App for your entire ecosystem. Handy for your supervisors, worker and end-customer's day-to-day activities.
Our software is specially and elaborately designed to fit your technical maintenance company's needs and expectations.