Stories of Success - Manifest Services

Stories of Success - Manifest Services

Manifest Services is a pioneer in Facility Management in Greece. Founded in 2003, Manifest Services is located in Athens, Greece. Its activities on the field consist of Soft, Hard, Security, Energy, Hospitality and Catering Services that are offered in over 200 companies and manage a wide range of facilities totaling over 1.000 buildings.

Manifest Services’ mission is to take care of the FM people so that they do their best.


A battling need for both Manifest Services and its customers to have control over their supervisors’ location, the duration of their work and their real-time services evaluation.

Whenever a customer developed instant needs or Manifest Services was facing a complaint, there was no platform to register it but the spoken word. A strong need to register and keep a history log of their customers’ complaints was created.

A service request was actively hard to keep track of since everything was documented on paper.

There was a need to be able to have a ticketing system so that customers’ and staff’s requests can be satisfied as soon as possible.

Individual personnel profiles should be created so that there is a 360-degree view of the challenges the person is addressing, as well as the feedback they receive from their services.

There was a need for clarity regarding the services and work orders that Manifest Services provided to its clients, as well as for a way to arrange them so that it was clear what Manifest Services had to produce and how to log any requirements that various facilities might have had.

Both the workers on the field and subcontractors needed to be automatically informed about their work, just as the client was informed about them.

How Moralius Helped

The goal for Manifest Services was clear to acquire a software that would cover all of the above needs and obstacles.

Through the use of Moralius Total FM module, Manifest Services has increased its corporate exposure, sped up turn times and maintenance, increased damage costs, decreased customer complaints, and minimized its legal liability. Total FM module consists of Field Management, Asset Management, Staff Management and Quality Assurance.

What’s more, with the Moralius Total FM module, Manifest Services manages to acquire a more sustainable profile to the world by reducing paper-processes at their lowest levels and decreasing its footprint to a minimum. At the same time, the observation and management of work orders through the Asset Management’s Periodics Schedule feature have assisted the ever-searched need for transparency.


A comprehensive view of all the services Manifest Services provides to its clients.

Team overhead costs have massively reduced by 15%.

A 5% reduction in turnover rates was successfully achieved.

Customer retention skyrocketed to a whooping 97%.