Asset Management

Take care of the things that matter most! Allow your customers to stay on top of their facilities by controlling their equipment, ranging from flowerpots to air conditioning units. List and set up all the preventive and ad-hoc maintenance tasks and let your customers harvest all the advantages they deserve.
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Register your customers’ assets

Gain peace of mind! Register and manage all the assets in your customers’ facilities. Create winning strategies by managing your customers’ asset data at a click of a button. Prevent inaccuracies and enable high levels of collaboration with your customers.

Put things together by creating asset categories for all the assets in your customers’ facility and obtain a complete overview.

Get your lists on by performing an asset by asset registration and keeping a list with all the relevant assets, such as glass panes, flooring, and hydraulics.

Upload your customers’ assets at the speed of light! With the bulk import functionality you can import the assets of your customers’ facilities through an Excel file and save a lot of time.

Keep the exact specifics - with the asset specifications you determine the custom technical characteristics of your customers' assets that you prefer to manage for each asset category (e.g. serial number, size of machinery, etc.).

Maintain a library with all the tasks needed for each Preventive Maintenance and their default frequency.

Share valuable information using a knowledge base, in which you can write down potential issues or scenarios that your workers might have to face along with their possible solutions.

Put your safety belt on by keeping track of all the safety regulations that your workers need to follow and be aware of.

Keep track of the spare parts through a library that allows your workers to gain insight into which parts they need to use in specific tasks.

Manage the preventive maintenance of your customers' assets

Never miss a beat! Αdjust the periodic tasks and response times of a given work order according to your customer’s needs. Upgrade your Asset Management system by creating unique QR codes for each asset. Additionally, keep a maintenance record and acquire the autonomy you need to track all of your customers’ assets at all times.

Set the time period by registering when a maintenance task starts and ends.

Frequency is key - easily adjust the frequency that you wish your maintenance to be performed in.

Bring the right people along by assigning the suitable workers according to their schedule and availability.

Have everything connected by aligning each property with the proper maintenance task.

Hook your customers’ assets up by navigating through the right asset category and linking it with the required property.

Extract knowledge by utilizing QR code scanning, with which you can preview the maintenance history of each specific asset.

Manage your work order calendar

Get the picture! A seamless solution that enables visibility of all scheduled periodic and ad-hoc work orders of your customers’ facilities. A calendar design that permits you to drag & drop and reschedule any of the planned or unplanned tasks according to your needs.

Stay in control by managing 8 filtering criteria, with which you can easily filter your scheduled tasks and display the information you need.

Focus on the period that you want by switching between a daily, weekly and monthly view.

Reschedule any planned or ad-hoc task, simply by dragging & dropping it into the timeslot that you want.

Live task monitoring

On the radar! Find the physical location of your staff on the map. Discover valuable information, such as the distance to your customer's location, and monitor your staff's route to work in real-time.

Make the right choice by selecting your preferred map type, such as physical or satellite.

Use the geolocation force and monitor the start and end of your staff's journey to the properties they operate in.

Always be prepared by seamlessly allowing your staff to show you the completion of their work in real-time.

Mobile apps

Be ahead of your time! Give your remote team of workers the access they need to get the job done. With the Worker App in hand, you have the strategic upper hand. This solution gives you an overview of your workers' activities on the field. Get amazed with Field Management digitalization!

Monitor performance by keeping track of the work orders that have been executed thus far.

Overlook the process by finding out whether your worker is on the road or has arrived at your customer’s facilities.

Stay on top of your team’s activity by being notified each time a work order is completed.

Let your workers access on the go any information they need about the asset they are working on (safety precautions, spare parts, etc.).