Property Management

The Property Management module is the backbone of Moralius and allows you to take good care of your customers’ facilities. Accounts, properties, services, spaces and subcontractors are all bundled together in one easy-to-use module.
Register & locate
your customers' properties

Register & locate your customers' properties

In great hands. Every one of your customers can keep their peace of mind knowing that their properties are efficiently taken care of.

Have it all in one by having the freedom to add an unlimited number of facilities.

Keep all the factors aligned by appointing a supervisor who inspects the services you provide at a customer’s facility.

Break down your customers’ facilities with a detailed registration of all spaces.

Pinpoint every facility of your customers with the help of an integrated map.

Ensure flawless communication with your customers by capturing their points of contact and all their information.

Have your subcontractor roster prepared and ready by registering their contact persons and all their information.