Salute the most extraordinary folks.

We're a group of passionate people with an exceptional goal; improve FM activities around the globe. Our team consists of brainiacs, go-doers, right thing communicators and sophisticated masterminds. We have a common passion for technology and everything-is-possible mentality.
About us
We create the success story you've always wanted!

We create the success story you've always wanted!

We are driven by a passionate desire to see you succeed. Millions of facilities around the world are changing how they function thanks to Moralius. With data-driven insights into your facilities and the most straightforward solution for your employees' daily tasks, we give you an easy path to success.

We constantly evolve!

We constantly evolve!

We provide a full range of modules and apps to help you streamline operations, improve efficiency, and produce an extensive view of every asset in your portfolio. While your staff is operating efficiently, you can step back and view the big picture thanks to data-driven reports that enable you to promote higher occupancy and frictionless operations

How using Moralius helped our clients


Team Overhead Reduction


Customer Retention


Quality of Services over 2 years' time


Reduction in Staff Turnover Rates

Why Moralius

Together we can conquer Facility Management. A platform that transforms data into actions and makes business decisions an easy game.

Our Timeline


Moralius continued evolving by building a unique and cutting-edge ticketing system, setting a new industry standard. We participated in prominent Facility Management conferences across Europe to get vital customer input and share best practices. New big clients from Europe & Middle East joined us.


Launch to space

We let ╬ťoralius speak for itself and bedazzle you with the many possibilities it encircles. Aiming for expansion, we traveled around the globe to ensure Facility Management is breaking out of conventional practices and embracing innovation for good.



Moralius started to take shape and form. Features such as Asset Management, real-time Service tracking, Ticketing Workflows are only a few of the many necessary features that make ╬ťoralius an excellent facility Management tool.


Attracting Talent

We started recruiting talent and enthusiasts that were seeing eye to eye with us, and started growing our product. At the same time, we're onboarding Manifest Services, a leader of Facility Management in Greece, as our first beta tester customer. Our people made us who we are, our customers transform us.


We did start the fire

Moralius came to be and co-founded by Dionisis and George. A cloud-based software that would change the way paper-based processes in Facility Management has been carried out thus far.


Scratching an itch

Dionisis Ammolochitis a trailblazer in FM industry along with George Farlekas the tech-guru started brainstorming ideas to solve the dire need of managing and monitoring their facility services.