Cleaning Companies

Get the information you require wherever you are!

Get the information you require wherever you are!

Moralius, the all-in-one FM software allows Cleaning Companies to store, access and distribute a wide range of cleaning-related data. It simplifies operations, digitalizes assets and cuts costs in the most efficient way.

Essential information to better manage and organize the cleaning activities of your company is easily distributed. The placing of QR Codes in strategic places provides your worker the possibility to illustrate the start and end of their workday and retain information about the room that are essential for its cleaning.

Key Benefits

Monitor and Track working hours.

Retain reports from the field.

Assign Corrective Actions.

Facilitates the Cleaning staff onboarding process.

Successful Internal communication.

Easier customer service and retention.

Excellent Quality Assurance tool.

Easy determination of Staff's re-training.

Why you should put your trust in us:

We offer a software that fully comprehends your time and cost management needs.
Our software is the solution your were looking for to effectively lower turnover rates.
Easy-to-handle Mobile App for your entire ecosystem. Handy for your supervisors, worker and end-customer day-to-day activities.
Our software is specially and elaborately designed to fit your cleaning company's needs and expectations.