Wise (upcoming)

Embrace the full package of Moralius and take advantage of its innovative Cost Control capabilities.

If you are looking to:

Handle your customers’ tickets through the best ticketing system for building services.
Measure how quickly you respond and boost the quality of interactions with your customers.
Enable your customers to assess the quality of your services at any given moment.
Monitor your supervisors, run customized quality survey campaigns and measure the quality of your activities.
Easily register and manage all the assets in your customers’ facilities and let your customers track your workers' activities.
Schedule your maintenance tasks and ad-hoc incidents, share them with your customers and track them through our smart calendar.
Register and manage all your staff with ease.
Unlock the full potential of our ticketing system and handle your staff requests with the attention and care they deserve.
Monitor the approval process, cost breakdown, as well as documentation for every single transaction.
Ensure that your customers will always stay on budget.

Our Wise plan is for you!

Allow your customers to capture their issues and requests via our Customer App and handle them on the go through our Supervisor App.

Monitor your customer tickets and inspection evaluations through the KPI dashboard.

Build you own inspection forms and capture your supervisors' inspection visits in real-time.

Run customizable quality surveys for your customers and check their levels of satisfaction.

Empower your remote workers by letting them access and complete their work orders on the go via the Worker App.

Keep track and manage all your maintenance tasks through the Work Order Calendar.

Simplify your staff’s work by using geolocation and QR code scanning.

Let your customers evaluate the staff members working on their facilities.

Break down your costs for each preventive or corrective work order into labor, materials and equipment cost.

Maintain all necessary documentation (invoices, POs, etc.) digitally.

Set up your cost structure by setting your staff’s hourly rates, as well as the equipment and materials costs.

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