Integrations & Migrations

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Every company maintains its data, either through simple databases and spreadsheets or through more advanced systems, such as CRM, ERP and HR-Payroll systems that can be built in-house or provided by third parties.

In order to offer your customers and employees a great and seamless user experience, we can provide integration or migration solutions between Moralius and the systems that you use.



Usually, the best way to transfer data from the system you are currently using to Moralius (and vice-versa) is the integration between the two systems. Building an integration makes sure that the data are being transferred automatically from one system to the other.



Using a one-off process, we can migrate data from a system you are currently using to Moralius. This method is usually preferred when you just want to transfer a small set of data from one system to another as quickly as possible. However, in this way, there is no automation between the two systems, which means that any new data will not be transferred to Moralius.



The cost of migrating or integrating your data to Moralius depends on many factors, such as the type of systems your company is using, the size of the database, etc. For this reason, our team would have to analyze all requirements in order to understand the cost and the time needed for the migration or integration.