Quality Assurance

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Focus on the feedback from your customers and maximize the quality of the services that you provide. Let’s see in detail what you can do with Moralius’ Quality Assurance module:


Keep track of your supervisors' activity

  • Customize your inspection forms according to your customer needs.
  • Get real-time access to the location of your supervisors with the help of geolocation.
  • Track when your supervisors check-in and out to each facility and how much time they spend there.
  • Monitor if the agreed inspection visits have been performed.
  • Get daily reports with the activities of your supervisors.


Collect real-time input from customers and managers & obtain insight through KPI visualization

  • Evaluate the level of service you provide by assessing the inspections of your supervisors.
  • Get real feedback from your customers and check how much they agree with your supervisors and how satisfied they are.
  • Get monthly reports with the evaluations of your supervisors.


Use quality surveys to ask your customers important questions

  • Build your quality surveys according to your company’s needs.
  • Make sure your surveys are completed by assigning them to the proper employees.
  • Link your quality surveys with corrective actions to ensure that all issues are being captured.
  • Visualize the responses to your quality surveys.


Help your customers to monitor their quality indicators and to stay updated with the inspections happening at their facilities in real time through the Customer App

  • Allow your customers to monitor their KPIs on the go.
  • Help your customers stay updated with the inspections happening at their facilities in real time.
  • Let your customers capture their requests at any given moment from their mobile devices.


To learn more about the Customer App, read this article.


Use the Supervisor app to gain more from your supervisor site visits and to improve the quality of your services

  • Get real-time evaluations and updates throughout your supervisor site visits.
  • Automatically turn supervisor inspections into service requests and maintenance tasks.
  • Enable your supervisors to use the evaluation form to submit improvement proposals.
  • Help your supervisors to monitor any customer issues on the spot, by accessing the corrective actions recorded.


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