Supervisor App

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Moralius Apps

Moralius comes with 3 available apps: the Customer App, the Supervisor App and the Worker App. They are tailored to each individual's role in the organization and they promote higher team engagement and faster response times.

In Moralius we follow a mobile-first approach, meaning that we are building all our solutions having the mobile device users’ experience as our top priority. Our future goal is to be able to move to a completely mobile-first ecosystem, where everything that Moralius has to offer can be performed through our mobile apps.


What is this app?

The Supervisor App has been designed to let you gain more from your supervisors by allowing them to do their job faster and on the go!

Based on the Plan that you have selected, you have access to specific Moralius modules. These modules allow you to access - without any extra fees - the relevant features of the Supervisor App. See below in detail which features of the Supervisor App’s features are accessible by each module.



Empower your supervisors by letting them handle your customers' requests and complaints through the Supervisor App.

  • Automatically turn supervisor inspections into service requests and maintenance tasks.
  • Help your supervisors to monitor any customer issues on the spot, by accessing the corrective actions.


Quality Assurance

The Supervisor App will provide your supervisors with complete independence on their job while maximizing the overall quality of your services.

  • Enable your supervisor to use the evaluation form to submit improvement proposals.
  • Get real-time evaluations and updates throughout your supervisor site visits.


Staff Management

Using the Supervisor App, you can improve the efficiency and quality of your employee management.

  • Give full control to your supervisors to create and handle internal tickets on the go.
  • Let your supervisors stay on top of the staff’s performance by creating correction reports from their mobile devices.


Who should use this app?

This app should be used only by your supervisors.

Read this article to learn more about this role.


The supervisor role is included in the admins user pack and therefore the number of users that can use this app depends on the admins user pack that you have selected for your subscription. For example, if you have selected the 30 admins user pack, then up to 30 users with the supervisor role assigned to them can use this app.

Read this article to learn more about user packs.