Asset Management

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Take good care of your customers’ equipment! Decide when each asset should be maintained and follow up on all maintenance tasks. Let’s see in detail what you can do with Moralius’ Asset Management module:


Register and manage all of your customers' assets

  • Register and maintain all assets, such as glass panes, flooring, and hydraulics - use the bulk import through excel sheets to save time!
  • Create asset categories and set the technical specifications for each category.
  • Set all the safety regulations that your workers need to follow and be aware of in order to maintain a specific asset category.
  • Make the life of your workers easier by capturing all the spare parts needed for each task.
  • Standardize the maintenance tasks that your staff is using to ensure the proper execution of each task.
  • Don’t let your team’s knowledge go to waste - use the knowledge base to note potential issues or scenarios that your worker might have to face along with their possible solutions.


Establish Preventive Maintenance activities for the upkeep of your customers' assets

  • Set the start-date and end-date for each maintenance task.
  • Adjust how often each maintenance task should be performed.
  • Assign the right worker to each task, based on his/hers schedule and suitability.
  • Align each property with the proper maintenance tasks.
  • Use QR Code scanning so that your staff can access the maintenance history of each asset.


List and manage all scheduled and ad-hoc tasks of your customers’ facilities

  • Use up to 11 different filtering criteria to adjust your calendar view.
  • Switch between viewing the worker’s name, the property name, the asset category, or the task’s title by using the ‘Display’ filter.
  • Reschedule any of the planned or unplanned tasks according to your needs, using a simple drag & drop.


To see how to use the Work Order Calendar, read this article.


Track your staff's journey to the places where they work in real time

  • Monitor through geolocation the start and end of your staff's journey to the properties they operate in.
  • Allow your staff to show you the completion of their work in real time.
  • Select your preferred map type, such as physical map or satellite map.


Take great care of your customers’ equipment through the Customer App

  • Let your customers keep track of all the preventive maintenance tasks on their facilities.
  • Help your customers be in control of any ad-hoc maintenance tasks on their facilities.


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Give your remote team of workers the access they need to get the job done through the Worker App

  • Speed up the process by allowing the workers to mark a task as completed by simply scanning a QR code.
  • Help your workers have a clear understanding of what is expected from them by viewing all work orders using a list view or a calendar view.
  • Make the life of your workers easier by enabling them to complete a work order task and capture important information on the spot.


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