Staff Management

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Using this module you can manage your workers, track their activities and make their job easier. Let’s see in detail what you can do with Moralius’ Staff Management module:


Register and track all of your staff

  • Use the bulk import option to register your staff in no time.
  • Maintain all your staff’s information digitally - from their personal information to their shifts and evaluations.
  • Assign your staff to the customer and services that they are working on.


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Digitally manage all internal tickets and documentation

  • Customize your internal ticket categories with a variety of options so that you register any work you require, such as an advance payment, a payment dispute, etc.
  • Enrich your internal tickets with photographs, documents and comments.
  • Assign a suitable team member to each internal ticket.
  • Track the progress of the internal tickets based on their status and on when they were created.


Evaluate your employees' performance.

  • Evaluate your staff’s performance internally through your supervisors and HR.
  • Schedule bulk evaluations for your staff on a set date.
  • Perform ad-hoc staff evaluations as often as you want.
  • Link evaluations with automatic actions, such as rewards, recommendations for training, or recommendations for replacement.
  • Allow your customers to evaluate your staff as often as they want.


Track your team's activity on the field by using geolocation and QR code scanning

  • Allow your staff to check in and out, while performing an inspection, supervising, or working in the field.
  • Monitor who checked in and out at each property or asset.


Use the Customer App to help your customers stay in touch with you

  • Allow your customers to view on the fly the information about the persons that are responsible for their facilities.
  • Let your customers easily call or email anyone on their FM Team.


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Improve the efficiency and quality of your employee management with the Supervisor App

  • Give full control to your supervisors to create and handle internal tickets on the go.
  • Let your supervisors stay on top of the staff’s performance by creating correction reports from their mobile devices.


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